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Brett Watkins                     

077-579-30617 watkinsbre@gmail.com


Tier 4 (Post Study) Work visa. Valid until: 19/04/14


Murphy/Jahn Architects

35 East Wacker, Chicago, IL 60601


January 7, 2008-February 6, 2009




Managing and supervising all aspects of the M/J office remodel.


Working in coordination with numerous international design teams in the production of architectural projects during various phases of development.


Completion of 266.76 of the necessary 700 NCARB training units.


Bachelor in Architecture, 2003-2007

Illinois Institute of Technology. 3300 South Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60616.


Master in Architecture, Emergent Design and Technologies, 2010-2012

Architectural Association. School of Architecture. 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES


SD: Downtown Jebel Ali four level parking garage, Arabian Canal Bridge drawing set and office remodel.

DD: Limitless Towers floor plan development from 33% to 100% and Office Remodel.

CD: Office Remodel.

Engineering Systems Coordination: During the remodel a number of systems including electrical, HVAC, and data systems were introduced or modified.

Cost Analysis: On numerous occasions contractors bids would come to me which appeared higher than they should have been and through basic analysis of materials and time I was quickly able to discern whether or not it wan an appropriate bid.

Code Research: During the development phases code research was undertaken regularly; Chicago is highly particular about it’s fire codes which led to many work hours in this area.

Specifications: New linear fluorescent fixtures, ceramic metal halide fixtures, light tracks, and sliding door hardware were some of the specifications which were researched and made during work on this project.

Document checks and coordination: I drew and checked my own drawings along with shop drawings created by the wood working shop.  Coordination between contractors with regard to completion dates, lead times and scheduling was also an area which was my responsibility.

Bidding and Contract Negotiation:  During the bidding process I along with two M/J executives went through the bid line by line. We independently noted any discrepancies within the bid, then cross checked our information and requested revisals of any vague or incorrect information.  Once the bid was in order the final contract was drawn up and submitted to us.  In the end a standard Murphy/Jahn Contract was utilized for the project.

Construction administration: During the construction phase I was able to supervise everything that was being produced and to improvise on certain occasions when the plans just didn’t work out.  I also made change orders when necessary, processed RFIs, applications for payment, material samples and developed a punch list for verification in the field. 

Project Management: One of the key elements for this project was getting it done in a timely manner.  This required me to effectively and efficiently manage contractors and consultants, to continually evaluate the progress and to know when and how to approach a contractor who wasn’t doing his job. 


Rhinoceros 3D+2D, Grasshopper, VB, VRay, AutoCAD 3D+2D, Ecotect, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Word, Power Point, Model construction, Laser cutter & Spray gun operation.


Portugal-Lisbon, Sintra.  France-Paris.  2001

Italy-Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Amalfi, Capri.  2005

England-London.  2007, 2010.

Spain-Barcelona.  2010

Germany-Munich, Stuttgard. Switzerland-Zurich, Vals.  2011